Stream Governance on Confluent Cloud

Stream Governance is built upon three key strategic pillars:

  • Stream lineage - Understand complex data relationships and uncover more insights with interactive, end-to-end maps of event streams.
  • Stream catalog - Increase collaboration and productivity with self-service data discovery that allows teams to classify, organize, and find the event streams they need.
  • Stream quality - Deliver trusted, high-quality event streams to the business and maintain data integrity as services evolve.

To learn more about data governance, stream governance, and the strategies behind these new tools and products, see the brief introduction below.

Data Governance

Data governance initiatives aim to manage the availability, integrity, and security of data used across an organization. With the explosion in volume, variety, and velocity of data powering the modern enterprise, it’s no surprise that the management of that data has become paramount to the success of companies across the globe. Data governance is now a mainstream, mandatory, and critical force behind the “data everywhere” movement.

At its core, a data governance program consists of three key areas:

icon-people The team that manages all aspects of your organization’s data, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

icon-processes The processes and procedures for how data should be controlled, audited, secured, and monitored.

icon-technology The technology that enables people, and streamlines processes, with tools like standardization, monitoring, collaboration, and reporting, just to name a few.

Governance for Data in Motion

With the sharp rise of real-time data, the need for organizational governance over data in motion is growing quickly. As investments into microservices increase and data sources scale, it becomes more and more challenging for any individual or team to understand or govern the full scope of streams flowing across the business.

To enable a generation of event-centric enterprises, Confluent developed Stream Governance: governance built for data in motion, allowing businesses to operate around a central nervous system of real-time data.

With Confluent’s Stream Governance, companies can confidently share the power of data in motion across the organization with a governance solution designed for the intricacies of streaming data.


This video provides a real-world use case for Stream Governance, highlighting various aspects of stream catalog, stream lineage, data discovery, and data quality.


Get Started

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