Changelog for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 Sink Connector for Confluent Platform

Version 1.6.21

  • CC-24669: Updated user-agent for ADLS-Gen2-Sink and Blob-Sink to attribute traffics from CCloud.
  • Bumped connect.templates.version
  • CC-21626: Updated jackson core version to fix CVE related to PRISMA-2023-0067.

Version 1.6.20

  • Fix thread leak due to open netty client

Version 1.6.19

  • CC-21624 snappy-java:1.1.8 CVE - bump connect-plugins-parent to 0.9.20 to get snappy-java:

Version 1.6.18

  • Integrating with SR client having OAuth capabilities

Version 1.6.17

  • Downgrading SR client to 6.0.3 because of perf issues

Version 1.6.16

  • CVE fixes for netty-codec, snakeyaml, json-smart

Version 1.6.15

  • Update maven.repo from http to https
  • CCMSG-2390 and others, fix of multple vulnerabilities

Version 1.6.14

  • RCCA-10524: Fix gzip compression for non struct JSON data

Version 1.6.13

  • CC-15191 | CVE fix for jackson-mapper-asl.
  • CCMSG-2194 | CVE fix for snakeyaml dependency.

Version 1.6.12

  • Rcca 9788 - inc-rcca-9788-azure-data-lake-storage-gen2-sink-connector-stuck-with-some-partition
  • CCMSG-2350 | Bump up the dependency for kafka-connect-avro-data to v6.1.6 to include bug fixes from converters.
  • CCMSG-1963 CVE fix for confluent-log4j

Version 1.6.11

  • Make httpClientFactory local task object
  • Fix failing integration tests. Increase connect come-up timeout with
  • CCMSG-1964:Updating connect-plugin-parent to pull gson latest version
  • CCMSG-2044: Update hdfs and add AbfsPerfTracker to client

Version 1.6.10

  • RCCA-7896: Reset next scheduled rotation periodically
  • MINOR: Remove logging of sink records at trace level.

Version 1.6.9

  • CCMSG-1811 add jackson-annotations explicit depedendency to fix NoClassDefFound Error when using JsonConverter

Version 1.6.8

  • CCMSG-1611 excluded jetty-webapp to resolve CVE
  • CCMSG-1734 updated jackson bom to upgrade all dependent jars
  • RCCA-4994 Uniform versions for serializer dependencies
  • CCMSG-1667 resolved protobuf CVEs by updating to latest commons

Version 1.6.7

  • CCMSG-1702: Handle case where consumer-offsets are mismatched relative to files present in ADLS1
  • RCCA-5984: Fixed protobuf to avro conversion issue

Version 1.6.6

No changes

Version 1.6.5

  • CCMSG-1578: Added a way to parameterize uncommitted directory for the ADLS Gen1 Sink connector
  • CCMSG-1408: Update Netty Version

Version 1.6.4

  • CC-15895: Update storage account and blob container name validations to correct length restrictions

Version 1.6.3

  • CCMSG-1261: Upgrade parent to 0.6.6 and resolve CVE in commons compress dependency
  • Minor: Perform NPE check when closing Parquet writer
  • Update the support term for ADLS Gen1 Sink

Version 1.6.2

No changes

Version 1.6.1

  • CCMSG-806: Support decimal format for JsonFormat

Version 1.6.0

  • CCMSG-525: Upgrade parent POM to 0.6.2, storage-common to 10.0.3 and Jackson databind to to address CVEs
  • Update storage-common-parent version to include Avro Data dependency fix
  • Upgrade to parent 0.5.5 and fix commons codec CVE
  • CC-11426: Add user agent to azure connectors
  • Address CVEs (htrace-core4, nimbus-jose-jwt, jackson-mapper-asl) for Azure Blob Storage