Version 1.2.1

  • CCDB-5161: Fix CVE for jackson-databind
  • CC-15890, CC-17367, CC-16851, CC-16571: Fix CVE’s
  • Update Jenkinsfile Nodelabel
  • CC-12525: Enable integration tests in Jenkins for Firebase
  • MINOR: Update Jenkinsfile to change the slack channel
  • MINOR: fix version for 1.1.x branch
  • MINOR: upgrade jackson-databind and google-oauth-client
  • Update docs URL path

Version 1.2.0

  • MINOR: Upgrade parent to 0.5.5 to fix commons codec CVE
  • CC-12028: Google Firebase Sink CVEs
  • Update pom.xml
  • CC-7442: Promote Firebase connectors to PA
  • MINOR: Correct module version in pom file
  • MINOR: Remove prefix suffix from version in pom
  • version fix(new release on 1.1.x)