Changelog for Google Cloud BigTable Sink Connector for Confluent Platform

Version 2.0.20

  • CC-27325,CC-27340: Fix netty handler and core jackson CVEs in bigtable connector.

Version 2.0.19

  • CC-27265, CC-27341, CC-27325: Fix io-commons, jre CVEs in bigtable connector

Version 2.0.18

No changes

Version 2.0.17

No changes

Version 2.0.16

  • CC-26356, CC-26355, CC-26354, CC-26349: CVE fixes for bigtable

Version 2.0.15

No changes

Version 2.0.14

No changes

Version 2.0.13

No changes

Version 2.0.12

  • CC-23262: Fix CVE issue in bigtable connector
  • CC-23326: Fix CVE issues in big table connector
  • Merge Conflict Resolution (from 1.0.x to 2.0.x)
  • Enable automatic pint merge
  • Delete Jenkinsfile
  • Fix NPE in BaseBigtableSinkTask
  • Add release notes
  • Update version() test to allow ‘-cloud’ versions
  • CC-24123 Fix row.key.delimiter bug
  • Merge Conflict Resolution (from 1.0.x to 2.0.x)
  • Migration: Jenkins -> Semaphore
  • RCCA-16272: Add GCP creds type validator and sanitizer
  • [TD] auto-commit : update connect-templates to v0.45.0
  • [TD] auto-generate template-decoupling changes for multi-module connectors

Version 2.0.11

No changes

Version 2.0.10

  • Upgrade hbase client version
  • Upgrade hbase client version

Version 2.0.9

  • Change the version of bigtable to 1.23.1

Version 2.0.8

  • CC-21177, CC-20502: Bump common plugin version to fix CVE issues
  • CC-21333: Fix io.grpc_grpc-protobuf and jackson.core CVE error
  • CCDB-5339: Exclude hbase-shaded-client from hbase package

Version 2.0.7

  • CCDB-5340: Reshaded jackson-databind CVE from htrace-core4 JAR

Version 2.0.6

  • CCDB-5338: Fixed vulnerability with json-smart

Version 2.0.5

  • Added ZooKeeper dependencies to hbase-shaded JAR via reshading
  • CCDB-4934: Fixed CVE vulnerabilities

Version 2.0.4

  • CCDB-5173: Fixed CVE with woodstox-core

Version 2.0.3

  • Fixed CCDB-5106

Version 2.0.2

  • Fixed CVEs
  • CCDB-4999: Fixed vulnerability with ZooKeeper version 3.5.7
  • Upgraded core jackson-databind in the shade plugin
  • CCDB-4976: Fixed vulnerability related to protobuf-java

Version 2.0.1

  • Turned off IT tests on Jenkins for Hbase
  • Adjusted validate function to handle changes from CCDB-4631
  • CCDB-4631: Made Bigtable compatible with license injector

Version 2.0.0

  • Updated the connector to use HBase API 2.x (from 1.x). There were no changes in how the connector runs or it’s configuration