Third Party Libraries

Version 10.2.0

Included Project License
Aggregate Designer Algorithm Apache-2.0
aircompressor Apache-2.0
AntLR BSD-3-Clause-Clear
ANTLR 3 Runtime BSD-2-ClauseBSD-2-Clause
AOP alliance public-domain
Apache Avro Apache-2.0
Apache Avro IPC Apache-2.0
Apache Avro Mapred API Apache-2.0
Apache Calcite Avatica Apache-2.0
Apache Calcite Avatica Metrics Apache-2.0
Apache Commons BeanUtils Apache-2.0
Apache Commons CLI Apache-2.0
Apache Commons Codec Apache-2.0
Apache Commons Compress Apache-2.0
Apache Commons Configuration Apache-2.0
Apache Commons Daemon Apache-2.0
Apache Commons IO Apache-2.0
Apache Commons Lang Apache-2.0
Apache Commons Logging Apache-2.0
Apache Commons Math Apache-2.0
Apache Commons Net Apache-2.0
Apache Curator Apache-2.0
Apache Derby Database Engine and Embedded JDBC Driver Apache-2.0
Apache Directory API ASN.1 API Apache-2.0
Apache Directory API ASN.1 BER Apache-2.0
Apache Directory LDAP API I18n Apache-2.0
Apache Directory LDAP API Model Apache-2.0
Apache Directory LDAP API Utilities Apache-2.0
Apache Geronimo JCache Spec 1.0 Apache-2.0
Apache Groovy Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop Annotations Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop Archives Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop Auth Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop Client Aggregator Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop Common Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop HDFS Apache-2.0Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop HDFS Client Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop MapReduce App Apache-2.0Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop MapReduce Common Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop MapReduce Core Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop MapReduce JobClient Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop MapReduce Shuffle Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop YARN API Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop YARN Client Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop YARN Common Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop YARN NodeManager Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop YARN Registry Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop YARN Server Common Apache-2.0
Apache Hadoop YARN Web Proxy Apache-2.0
Apache HBase - Annotations Apache-2.0
Apache HBase - Client Apache-2.0
Apache HBase - Common Apache-2.0
Apache HBase - Hadoop Compatibility Apache-2.0
Apache HBase - Prefix Tree Apache-2.0
Apache HBase - Procedure Apache-2.0
Apache HBase - Server Apache-2.0
Apache HttpClient Apache-2.0
Apache HttpCore Apache-2.0
Apache Ivy Apache-2.0Apache-2.0
Apache Log4j 1.x Compatibility API Apache-2.0
Apache Log4j API Apache-2.0
Apache Log4j Core Apache-2.0
Apache Log4j SLF4J Binding Apache-2.0
Apache Log4j Web Apache-2.0
Apache Parquet Avro Apache-2.0
Apache Parquet Column Apache-2.0
Apache Parquet Common Apache-2.0
Apache Parquet Encodings Apache-2.0
Apache Parquet Format Structures Apache-2.0
Apache Parquet Hadoop Apache-2.0
Apache Parquet Hadoop Bundle Apache-2.0MITApache-2.0Apache-1.1
Apache Thrift Apache-2.0
Apache Twill API Apache-2.0
Apache Twill common library Apache-2.0
Apache Twill core library Apache-2.0
Apache Twill discovery service API Apache-2.0
Apache Twill discovery service implementations Apache-2.0
Apache Twill ZooKeeper client library Apache-2.0
Apache Velocity - Engine Apache-2.0MITApache-2.0
Apache Yetus - Audience Annotations Apache-2.0
Apache ZooKeeper - Jute Apache-2.0
Apache ZooKeeper - Server Apache-2.0
ApacheDS I18n Apache-2.0
ApacheDS Protocol Kerberos Codec Apache-2.0
asm BSD-3-Clause
ASM based accessors helper used by json-smart Apache-2.0
ASM Core BSD-3-Clause
BoneCP :: Core Library Apache-2.0
Calcite Core Apache-2.0MITApache-2.0
Calcite Druid Apache-2.0
Calcite Linq4j Apache-2.0
Commons DBCP Apache-2.0
Commons Digester Apache-2.0
Commons Lang Apache-2.0Apache-2.0
Commons Math Apache-2.0Apache-2.0BSD-3-ClauseApache-2.0BSD-2-Clause
Commons Pool Apache-2.0
commons-collections Apache-2.0
commons-compiler BSD-3-Clause
Curator Client Apache-2.0
Curator Framework Apache-2.0
Curator Recipes Apache-2.0
Data Mapper for Jackson Apache-2.0
DataNucleus Core Apache-2.0
DataNucleus JDO API plugin Apache-2.0
DataNucleus RDBMS plugin Apache-2.0
Disruptor Framework Apache-2.0
Ehcache Apache-2.0Apache-2.0CC0-1.0
Ehcache Core Apache-2.0CC0-1.0
eigenbase-properties Apache-2.0
EL Apache-2.0
fastutil Apache-2.0MIT
Findbugs Annotations under Apache License Apache-2.0
FindBugs-jsr305 Apache-2.0
Glassfish Jasper API GPL-2.0-with-classpath-exceptionSISSL-1.2CDDL-1.0Apache-2.0
Google Guice - Core Library Apache-2.0
Google Guice - Extensions - AssistedInject Apache-1.1Apache-2.0
Google Guice - Extensions - Servlet Apache-2.0
Gson Apache-2.0
Hadoop Metrics2 Reporter for Dropwizard Metrics Apache-2.0
hbase-hadoop2-compat Apache-2.0
hbase-protocol Apache-2.0
HikariCP Apache-2.0
Hive CLI Apache-2.0
Hive Common Apache-2.0
Hive HCatalog Core Apache-2.0
Hive Llap Client Apache-2.0
Hive Llap Common Apache-2.0
Hive Llap Server Apache-2.0
Hive Llap Tez Apache-2.0
Hive Metastore Apache-2.0
Hive Query Language BSD-3-ClauseANTLR-PDMITLGPL-2.1-onlyApache-2.0
Hive Serde Apache-2.0
Hive Service RPC Apache-2.0
Hive Shims Apache-2.0
Hive Shims 0.23 Apache-2.0
Hive Shims Common Apache-2.0
Hive Shims Scheduler Apache-2.0
Hive Storage API Apache-2.0
Hive Vector-Code-Gen Utilities Apache-2.0
HttpClient Apache-2.0
Jackson Apache-2.0
Jackson datatype: jdk8 Apache-2.0
Jackson Integration for Metrics Apache-2.0
Jackson-annotations Apache-2.0
Jackson-core Apache-2.0
jackson-databind Apache-2.0
jamon-runtime MPL-2.0
janino BSD-3-Clause
jasper-compiler Apache-2.0
jasper-runtime Apache-2.0
Java Architecture For XML Binding CDDL-1.1
Java EE Transaction API CDDL-1.0
Java Transaction API CDDL-1.0
java-xmlbuilder Apache-2.0
JavaServer Pages(TM) API GPL-2.0-with-classpath-exceptionCDDL-1.1
JavaServlet(TM) Specification GPL-2.0-with-classpath-exceptionCDDL-1.1
javax.annotation-api CDDL-1.0
javax.inject Apache-2.0 CDDL-1.0
Javolution SAX-PDSunPro
JAX-RS provider for JSON content type Apache-2.0
JCIP Annotations under Apache License Apache-2.0
JCodings MIT
jcommander Apache-2.0
JDO API Apache-2.0
jersey-client CDDL-1.0
jersey-core CDDL-1.0
jersey-guice CDDL-1.0
jersey-json CDDL-1.0
jersey-server CDDL-1.0
JetS3t Apache-2.0
Jettison Apache-2.0
Jetty Orbit :: Servlet API EPL-1.0CDDL-1.0EPL-1.0CDDL-1.0Apache-2.0Apache-2.0
Jetty Server Apache-2.0NCSAApache-2.0EPL-1.0Apache-2.0
Jetty SSLEngine Apache-2.0
Jetty Utilities Apache-2.0Apache-2.0EPL-1.0
JLine BSD-2-Clause
Joda-Time Apache-2.0
Joni MIT
JPam Apache-2.0
JSch BSD-3-ClauseBSD-3-ClauseMITApache-2.0
JSON Small and Fast Parser Apache-2.0
jsp-api GPL-2.0-with-classpath-exception
JVM Integration for Metrics Apache-2.0
kafka-connect-storage-common Confluent
kafka-connect-storage-common-avatica-shaded MITApache-2.0BSD-3-ClauseCC-BY-2.5MPL-2.0proprietary-licenseProtobuf
kafka-connect-storage-common-htrace-core4-shaded Apache-2.0proprietary-license
kafka-connect-storage-core Confluent
kafka-connect-storage-format Confluent
kafka-connect-storage-hive Confluent
kafka-connect-storage-partitioner Confluent
kafka-connect-storage-wal Confluent
Kryo BSD-2-Clause
leveldbjni-all Apache-2.0BSD-2-ClauseBSD-3-Clause
Log Redactor Apache-2.0
Log Redactor Metrics Apache-2.0
LZ4 and xxHash Apache-2.0
Metrics Core Apache-2.0CC0-1.0
Metrics Core Library Apache-2.0
Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server MIT
mina-core Apache-2.0
minimal-json MIT
Netty/All-in-One Apache-2.0
Netty/Buffer Apache-2.0
Netty/Codec/DNS Apache-2.0
Netty/Codec/HAProxy Apache-2.0
Netty/Codec/HTTP Apache-2.0
Netty/Codec/HTTP2 Apache-2.0
Netty/Codec/Memcache Apache-2.0
Netty/Codec/MQTT Apache-2.0
Netty/Codec/Redis Apache-2.0
Netty/Codec/SMTP Apache-2.0
Netty/Codec/Socks Apache-2.0
Netty/Codec/Stomp Apache-2.0
Netty/Codec/XML Apache-2.0
Netty/Common Apache-2.0
Netty/Handler Apache-2.0
Netty/Handler/Proxy Apache-2.0
Netty/Handler/Ssl/Ocsp Apache-2.0
Netty/Resolver Apache-2.0
Netty/Resolver/DNS Apache-2.0
Netty/Resolver/DNS/Classes/MacOS Apache-2.0
Netty/Resolver/DNS/Native/MacOS Apache-2.0
Netty/Transport Apache-2.0
Netty/Transport/Classes/Epoll Apache-2.0
Netty/Transport/Classes/KQueue Apache-2.0
Netty/Transport/Native/Epoll Apache-2.0
Netty/Transport/Native/KQueue Apache-2.0
Netty/Transport/Native/Unix/Common Apache-2.0
Netty/Transport/RXTX Apache-2.0
Netty/Transport/SCTP Apache-2.0
Netty/Transport/UDT Apache-2.0
Nimbus JOSE+JWT Apache-2.0
OkHttp Apache-2.0
okio Apache-2.0
Old JAXB Runtime CDDL-1.0
Open JSON Apache-2.0
opencsv Apache-2.0
ORC Core Apache-2.0
Pentaho Aggregate Designer Algorithm Apache-2.0
Protocol Buffers [Core] BSD-3-Clause
RE2/J BSD-3-Clause
Servlet Specification 2.5 API CDDL-1.0
SLF4J Reload4j Binding MIT
Slider Core MITApache-2.0
SnakeYAML EPL-1.0BSD-3-ClauseApache-2.0
snappy-java Apache-2.0
SpotBugs Annotations LGPL-2.1-only
StAX API Apache-2.0
Stax2 API Apache-2.0BSD-2-Clause
StringTemplate 4 BSD-2-Clause
swagger-annotations Apache-2.0
Tephra API Apache-2.0
Tephra Core Apache-2.0
Tephra HBase 1.0 Compatibility Apache-2.0
Woodstox Apache-2.0
Xerces2-j W3C-19980720Apache-2.0Apache-2.0IPA
Xml Compatibility extensions for Jackson Apache-2.0
xml-apis Apache-2.0SAX-PDunknownApache-2.0W3CW3C-19980720SAX-PD
xmlenc BSD-2-Clause
XZ for Java public-domain
zstd-jni BSD-2-Clause