Version 10.7.2

  • PR-1338 - Fixed underflow issue when binding small Double or Float values with Oracle JDBC

Version 10.7.1

  • PR-1332 - [CC-19887] flattened oracle related dependencies to remove pom file
  • PR-1329 - CC-19550 CC-19551 Standard logs jdbc

Version 10.7.0

  • PR-1070 - Introduced option to enable/disable HOLDLOCK when using MERGE INTO in SQL Server
  • PR-1303 - Renamed method releaseLocksQuietly to commitQuietly
  • PR-1314 - [CC-19080]: Fixed JDBC Source Connector to support Sybase jConnect JDBC 4 Driver
  • PR-1284 - [CCDB-5077]: Fixed CacheConnectionProvider to close on lifecycle events
  • PR-1297 - Added config to conditionally mask SQL statements
  • PR-1288 - [CCDB-5300] Upgraded postgresql to 42.4.3
  • PR-1289 - [CCDB-5302] Added length parameter to setCharacterStream for oracle database CLOB column
  • PR-1280 - RCCA-10001: Fixed null field issue with Sybase dialect
  • PR-1276 - [CCDB-5238] Reinitialized writer object during retry to refresh cache to clear invalid state
  • PR-1266 - [CCDB-5222]: For JDBC Sink connector; removed sensitive data from BatchUpdateException.
  • PR-1253 - [CC-17951]: Upgraded postgresql to 42.4.1