Third Party Libraries for MQTT Source and Sink Connector for Confluent Platform

Version 1.7.0

Included Project License
assembly-plugin-boilerplate Apache-2.0
Checker Qual MIT
Confluent Server Apache-2.0
connect-utils Apache-2.0
error-prone annotations Apache-2.0
FindBugs-jsr305 Apache-2.0
Gson Apache-2.0
Guava InternalFutureFailureAccess and InternalFutures Apache-2.0
Guava ListenableFuture only Apache-2.0
Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java CC0-1.0Apache-2.0
J2ObjC Annotations Apache-2.0
Java Architecture For XML Binding CDDL-1.1 CDDL-1.0
jose4j Apache-2.0
LZ4 and xxHash Apache-2.0
Metrics Core Library Apache-2.0
org.eclipse.paho.client.mqttv3 EPL-1.0
Protocol Buffers [Core] BSD-3-Clause
Protocol Buffers [Util] BSD-3-Clause
snappy-java Apache-2.0
zstd-jni BSD-2-Clause