Version 11.0.24

  • CVE Fix: CVE-2023-51775

Version 11.0.23

  • CC-23296: fix CVE to update active mq client to 5.16.7
  • Fixed Jenkins Build - Jacoco check
  • Merge Conflict Resolution (from 10.2.x to 11.0.x)
  • Fix merge conflicts from 10.2.x
  • TD - fix plugin ordering
  • [TD] kafka-connect-jms ActiveMQSource + IBMMQSource
  • CC-22129 : Adding jacoco code coverage limits
  • ESC-581: 10.2.x update dependencies

Version 11.0.22

No changes

Version 11.0.21

No changes

Version 11.0.20

  • CC-20419: On exceptions that can be retried, the previous connection is closed without ack and a new connection is created. The connector no longer sends unacked messages received from the previous connection to Kafka, since these are re-fetched with the new connection.
  • CCMSG-2907 Removed sensitive logging.
  • CCMSG-2296: Upgraded to JMS 2.0.

Version 11.0.19

No changes

Version 11.0.18

  • CCMSG-1961: CVE-fix - Removed a dependency on slf4j-log4j12.
  • CC-17744: Switched from confluent-log4j to reload4j.

Version 11.0.17

No changes

Version 11.0.16

  • RCCA-7651: Made field text an optional String type. Added a null check before trying to fill the value.
  • CCMSG-1939: The latest version of Gson gets pulled when updating the common version.

Version 11.0.15

No changes

Version 11.0.14

  • CCMSG-1807: Connection retried on MQRC_JSSE_ERROR.

Version 11.0.13

No changes

Version 11.0.12

  • CCMSG-1656: Excluded Protobuf to resolve CVE.

Version 11.0.11

  • CCMSG-1537: Added a configuration for JMS receive block duration.

Version 11.0.10

  • CCLOG-1193: Corrected a configuration display name and made additional unit tests.
  • CCLOG-1192: Changed broker URL logging to the debug level.
  • Started fresh batching every time waitForAllPendingToCommit turns true (independent of commitRecords()).
  • CCLOG-1054: Pinned netty-codec version.
  • Fixed display names of JMS Source connector configuration.
  • Disabled concurrent jobs.

Version 11.0.9

  • RCCA-4354: Propagated RetryTimeoutExceeded Exception to fail the connector.

Version 11.0.8

  • CCMSG-1252: Remaining amqp types are supported in JMS propertyValues.
  • SEC-1034: Migrated log4j to Confluent repackaged version.
  • CC-15203: Pinned bcprov-jdk15 version to resolve CVE.

Version 11.0.7

  • CCMSG-1069: Ensured producedRecords entity is thread safe.
  • ST-5057: Released support for security patch.

Version 11.0.6

  • CC-14525, CC-14537: Moved connect-runtime to test scope to address CVEs

Version 11.0.5

  • Updated supportSummary for JMS Source connectors.
  • MINOR: Pinned version for dependency check plugin.

Version 11.0.4

  • CCMSG-982: Committed records are acknowledged when all produced records are committed.

Version 11.0.3

  • Moved initial JMS connection creation down to poll() instead of start() and call with retries.

Version 11.0.2

  • CCMSG-839: Unsupported propertyValue types are gracefully handled in the generic JMS Source connector.

Version 11.0.1-preview

No changes

Version 11.0.0-preview

Initial Version