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Migrate an Existing Kafka Deployment

Confluent is committed to supporting and developing the open source Apache Kafka® project. The version of Kafka in Confluent Platform is fully compatible with the matching open source version and only contains additional patches for critical bugs when Confluent Platform and Kafka release schedules do not align. An existing cluster can typically be upgraded easily by performing a rolling restart of Kafka brokers.

Migrating developer tools

The rest of Confluent Platform can be added incrementally. Start by adding Schema Registry and updating your applications to use the Avro serializer. Next, add the REST Proxy to support applications that may not have access to good Kafka clients or Avro libraries. Run the HDFS connector to load data from Kafka into HDFS continuously.

Migrating to Control Center

You can also migrate an existing cluster to take advantage of Control Center. Simply deploy Control Center on a server, configure the server to communicate with your cluster, add interceptors to your Connect instance, producers, and consumers, and you’re ready to go.