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Confluent Platform is the central nervous system for a business, uniting your organization around a Apache Kafka®-based single source of truth. It is frequently used to store mission-critical data, and therefore enabling security features are crucial.

By default, there is no encryption, authentication, or ACLs configured. Any client can communicate to Kafka brokers via the PLAINTEXT port. It is critical that access via this port is restricted to trusted clients only. Network segmentation and/or authorization ACLs can be used to restrict access to trusted IPs in such cases. If neither is used, the cluster is wide open and can be accessed by anyone.

While non-secured clusters are supported, as are a mix of authenticated, unauthenticated, encrypted and non-encrypted clients, it is recommended to secure the components in your Confluent deployment.

To see a working deployment of encryption, authentication, and authorization configured end-to-end across all Confluent Platform components, check out the Confluent Platform demo.