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Designing Event Driven Systems

This page provides an accompanyment to the O’Reilly book “Designing Event Driven Systems”. You can download the book in PDF or eReader format from the Confluent website.

The source code for the examples discussed in Chapter 15 is available on GitHub . This provides an example of a simple Orders Service that validates orders as they arrive, all built with Kafka Streams.

For a great introduction for developers who are just getting started with stream processing, refer to the free, self-paced Kafka Streams tutorial. The tutorial centers on the order management workflow described in the book. It’s built using Kafka Streams, so business events that describe the order management workflow propagate through this ecosystem. You’ll learn the basics of the Kafka Streams API and common patterns to design and build event-driven applications.

If you have feedback on the code examples please raise an issue in GitHub. For feedback on the book please contact us.