Cluster Linking using Confluent for Kubernetes

Cluster Linking allows you to directly connect Kafka clusters together and mirror topics from one cluster to another, making it much easier to build multi-datacenter, multi-cluster, and hybrid cloud deployments.

Enable Cluster Linking with Confluent for Kubernetes

Cluster Linking is not available as a dynamic configuration. You must either enable it before starting the brokers, or to enable it on a running cluster, configure it on the brokers and restart them to perform a rolling update.

To enable Cluster Linking:

  1. Use configOverrides in the Kafka custom resource. See Configuration overrides for more information about using configOverrides:

          - # Enable Cluster Linking
  2. Restart the broker clusters as described in Restart Confluent Platform Cluster.

For a complete list of available settings you can use to control Cluster Linking, see Configuration Option for Cluster Linking.