The Apache Kafka C/C++ client library
RdKafka::OffsetCommitCb Class Referenceabstract

Offset Commit callback class. More...

#include <rdkafkacpp.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void offset_commit_cb (RdKafka::ErrorCode err, std::vector< TopicPartition * > &offsets)=0
 Set offset commit callback for use with consumer groups. More...

Detailed Description

Offset Commit callback class.

Member Function Documentation

◆ offset_commit_cb()

virtual void RdKafka::OffsetCommitCb::offset_commit_cb ( RdKafka::ErrorCode  err,
std::vector< TopicPartition * > &  offsets 
pure virtual

Set offset commit callback for use with consumer groups.

The results of automatic or manual offset commits will be scheduled for this callback and is served by RdKafka::KafkaConsumer::consume().

If no partitions had valid offsets to commit this callback will be called with err == ERR__NO_OFFSET which is not to be considered an error.

The offsets list contains per-partition information:

  • topic The topic committed
  • partition The partition committed
  • offset: Committed offset (attempted)
  • err: Commit error

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