The Apache Kafka C/C++ client library
RdKafka::SocketCb Class Referenceabstract

Portability: SocketCb callback class More...

#include <rdkafkacpp.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual int socket_cb (int domain, int type, int protocol)=0
 Socket callback. More...

Detailed Description

Portability: SocketCb callback class

Member Function Documentation

◆ socket_cb()

virtual int RdKafka::SocketCb::socket_cb ( int  domain,
int  type,
int  protocol 
pure virtual

Socket callback.

The socket callback is responsible for opening a socket according to the supplied domain, type and protocol. The socket shall be created with CLOEXEC set in a racefree fashion, if possible.

It is typically not required to register an alternative socket implementation

The socket file descriptor or -1 on error (errno must be set)

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