Install Confluent CLI

This topic describes how to install the Confluent CLI on macOS, Linux, and Windows. It also includes other installation methods you can use to install the CLI. Before you install, verify you meet all requirements.

macOS and Linux users can install the latest version of Confluent CLI using the following Homebrew command:

brew install confluentinc/tap/cli

Other installation methods

This section includes other methods you can use to install the Confluent CLI.


To install the Confluent CLI on Docker Desktop, run the following command to pull the latest CLI version:

docker pull confluentinc/confluent-cli:latest

You can also install a specific version:

docker pull confluentinc/confluent-cli:<version>

Confluent Platform installation package

Confluent Platform installation packages include the Confluent CLI binaries for each of the operating system and architecture types that the Confluent CLI supports.

Confluent Community software users must download the Confluent CLI separately and configure it manually.

To use the Confluent CLI in the Confluent Platform package:

  1. Set the Confluent Platform home environment variable:

    export CONFLUENT_HOME=<The directory where Confluent is installed>
  2. Add the location of the CLI to the PATH:


Install alternative version in Confluent Platform package

The version of the Confluent CLI used by Confluent Platform can be changed by downloading a specific Confluent CLI binary and using it to replace the current binary.

When you download and install the Confluent CLI outside of the Confluent Platform package, ensure you install a Confluent CLI version that is compatible with the version of Confluent Platform you are running. For reference, see the /platform/current/.

  1. Download the appropriate version of the Confluent CLI.

  2. Use the downloaded binary to replace the existing Confluent CLI binary located in subdirectories of $CONFLUENT_HOME/libexec/cli/.

    For example, on macOS, which is the darwin operating system type and amd64 architecture type:

    cp <cli binaries> $CONFLUENT_HOME/libexec/cli/darwin_amd64/

Tarball or ZIP installation

  1. Download and install the most recently released CLI binaries for your platform:

  2. Set the PATH environment to include the directory that you downloaded the CLI binaries in the previous step:

    export PATH=<path-to-cli>:$PATH
  3. Optionally, if you do not have enough space in the default directory that CLI stores logs and data, set the CONFLUENT_CURRENT environment variable to use a different directory:

    export CONFLUENT_CURRENT=<path-to-confluent-local-data>


You can confirm the version and the OS type of the CLI with the following command:

confluent version


Use the confluent update command to upgrade from an earlier version of the Confluent CLI to a newer version. For the full syntax, see confluent update.

To ensure compatibility, updates using the confluent update command are disabled for the CLI packaged with Confluent Platform. If you need to upgrade to a later version of the CLI, see Install alternative version in Confluent Platform package.

Confluent Platform properties files

The following list includes the default Confluent Platform services configuration properties files, where $CONFLUENT_HOME is the directory where you installed Confluent Platform. You reference or modify the appropriate file when you work with a Confluent Platform service.

  • Connect: $CONFLUENT_HOME/etc/schema-registry/
  • Control Center: $CONFLUENT_HOME/etc/confluent-control-center/
  • Kafka: $CONFLUENT_HOME/etc/kafka/
  • REST Proxy: $CONFLUENT_HOME/etc/kafka-rest/
  • ksqlDB: $CONFLUENT_HOME/etc/ksqldb/
  • Schema Registry: $CONFLUENT_HOME/etc/schema-registry/
  • ZooKeeper: $CONFLUENT_HOME/etc/kafka/