Confluent CLI Release Notes

Confluent CLI v2.15.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Add the ability to disable cloud features in the event of a security incident
  • Clarify that confluent login --save should not be used with SSO login

Confluent CLI v2.14.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Added confluent schema-registry exporter commands for Confluent Platform
  • Return a more specific error message if resource quota limits are exceeded
Bug Fixes
  • Ignore redundant --save flag at confluent login for SSO users

Confluent CLI v2.13.2 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Fix panic on confluent login when user context is not defined

Confluent CLI v2.13.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • If user is already authenticated with a username and password, confluent login will prompt for new credentials instead of refreshing the existing session

Confluent CLI v2.13.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Automatically refresh sessions, keeping users logged in while the CLI is in use
  • Add --principal flag to confluent kafka acl commands for filtering by service account or user
  • Add --config, --config-file, and --schema-id flags to confluent kafka topic produce and confluent kafka topic consume
  • Improve documentation for confluent kafka topic, confluent ksql, and confluent secret
Bug Fixes
  • Fix typos in various command descriptions

Confluent CLI v2.12.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Let --kafka-cluster-id imply --cloud-cluster in confluent iam rbac role-binding list
  • In confluent schema-registry describe optionally print the entire schema graph
Bug Fixes
  • Add dataplane roles to suggestion message in iam rbac role describe
  • Delete temporary schema directories after producing or consuming
  • Remove redundant log messages during API pagination

Confluent CLI v2.11.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Add --full-header flag to confluent kafka topic consume to print untruncated message headers
  • Add support for source-initiated cluster links in Confluent Cloud
Bug Fixes
  • Validate --geo flag values when creating Schema Registry clusters
  • Show all available roles with confluent iam rbac role list
  • Fix error message when resizing a Kafka cluster

Confluent CLI v2.10.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Add back -D shorthand for --deleted flag in schema-registry subject describe

Confluent CLI v2.10.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • New commands for Confluent Cloud: schema-registry compatibility and schema-registry config
  • New commands for Confluent Platform: schema-registry compatibility, schema-registry config, schema-registry subject, and schema-registry schema
Bug Fixes
  • Fix bug where locally stored API key could be cleared
  • Refresh SSO tokens on auto-login

Confluent CLI v2.9.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Migrated to new APIs that support faster cluster provisioning
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue that prevented HTTPS_PROXY environment variable from having an effect
  • Fixed incorrect options for updating Schema Registry subject modes
  • Improved error messages and help examples

Confluent CLI v2.8.1 Release Notes

New Features
  • Show user email, organization name, and organization ID on login
Bug Fixes
  • Show the correct email when listing API keys for users with dataplane roles

Confluent CLI v2.8.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • confluent service-quota list command for Confluent Cloud
  • Add schema ID field in confluent schema-registry schema describe output
Bug Fixes
  • Fix parsing of quoted flag values and arguments in confluent shell
  • Fix parsing of multi-value flags in confluent shell
  • Fix error with protobuf schema references for produce and consume commands

Confluent CLI v2.7.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Added confluent kafka client-config commands
  • Improved logging for produce and consume commands, and during SSO login
  • Added support for multiline properties in cluster link configuration files
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed capitalization in human-readable output

Confluent CLI v2.6.1 Release Notes

New Features
  • Improved cipher algorithm used for secret command
Bug Fixes
  • Fix issue with updating cluster links

Confluent CLI v2.6.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Verify checksums during confluent update
  • Enforce TLS 1.2 or greater
  • Added organization ID to login message
  • Produce and consume support for Confluent Platform
  • Add kafka link commands for Confluent Platform
Bug Fixes
  • Allow colons in role binding subject resources
  • Improve error when logging in to a suspended org

Confluent CLI v2.5.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • List ACLs created with service account resource IDs in kafka acl list
  • Improve suggestion when API key is not recognized as valid

Confluent CLI v2.5.0 Release Notes

Breaking Changes
  • Due to backend changes, the --dry-run and --no-validate flags in the kafka link create commands no longer have an effect. Deprecation notices are added to the flag descriptions.
New Features
  • Improved shell completions for bash and zsh
  • Add ksql cluster commands and add deprecation warnings to ksql app commands
Bug Fixes
  • Fix potential panic in kafka cluster describe
  • Fix potential request failures for users with large number of resources
  • Improvements to error and help messages

Confluent CLI v2.4.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Add support for logging into specific Confluent Cloud organizations
  • Update librdkafka to 1.8.2
  • Don’t show deactivated users (or those with expired invitations) in role binding list command
  • Add on-prem replica management commands
  • Improved version of confluent shell command
  • Add autocompletion support for remaining command flags (--api-key, --context, --environment)
Bug Fixes
  • Fix issue where CLI would not show additional information with verbosity flags set (-v, -vv, -vvv, -vvvv)
  • Return error if SSO user enters different emails in CLI prompt and their SSO provider
  • Fix regression in --ca-cert-path flag so that it uses absolute filepaths
  • Check whether service account exists before attempting to create or delete a Kafka ACL
  • Add friendlier error messages for RBAC commands

Confluent CLI v2.3.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Show the correct error for confluent api-key list and confluent audit-log describe if audit logs are disabled for an organization

Confluent CLI v2.3.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Expand existing autocompletion functionality to include many command arguments and flags
  • Add built-in aliases for several long command names
  • Add reference support for JSON and protobuf in schema producer and consumer
  • Add --subject-format flag to schema-registry exporter commands
  • Notify user when ksqlDB cluster provisioning fails
  • Add extra validation logic for login URLs
  • Warn Confluent Platform users before enabling updates
Bug Fixes
  • Create audit log API keys using the correct service account
  • Err if a process is already listening on the SSO callback port
  • Fix panic when autocompleting service-account commands in confluent shell

Confluent CLI v2.2.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Properly label “PAUSED” ksqlDB clusters
Bug Fixes
  • Fix Windows failures due to missing pthreads library
  • NOTE: Users of confluent v2.0.0, v2.1.0, or v2.1.1 must manually update to this version with curl -sL | sh -s -- -b $(dirname $(which confluent))

Confluent CLI v2.1.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Restore partition count field when describing a topic’s configuration
  • Show success message when deleting a service account
  • Allow CONFLUENT_PLATFORM_MDS_URL and CONFLUENT_PLATFORM_CA_CERT_PATH to be used with confluent cluster describe
Bug Fixes
  • Fix issue with listing pending user invitations
  • Fix issue with logging into SSO-enabled organizations when user is not already logged in
  • Only auto-login to the current context
  • Update description of confluent prompt
  • Hide confluent iam acl commands when logged into a cloud context

Confluent CLI v2.0.0 Release Notes

Breaking Changes
  • WARNING: If you are updating from a prior Confluent CLI v1.x client, note that this version is NOT interoperable with Confluent Platform v7.0 or earlier. See Supported Versions and Interoperability for full details on CLI client to Confluent Platform interoperability.
  • If you are updating from the Confluent Cloud CLI, the client name will change to confluent with this version.
  • See Migration Guide for a full list of breaking changes and details regarding differences from v1.x.
New Features
  • This version of Confluent CLI supports both Confluent Cloud and Confluent Platform management.

    To use Confluent CLI v2.0 for Confluent Cloud, sign up with confluent cloud-signup or authenticate with confluent login.

Confluent CLI v1.43.0 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.42.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Fix 404 error in confluent kafka acl list

Confluent CLI v1.41.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Add support for managing brokers and partitions

Confluent CLI v1.40.1 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.40.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Fix issues when changing directories after logging in with a custom CA cert path
  • Make confluent iam rolebinding list support filtering by resource
  • Fix confluent iam rolebinding list when no role is specified

Confluent CLI v1.39.1 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.39.0 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.38.0 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.37.1 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.37.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Improved error messaging and help output

Confluent CLI v1.36.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Fix the issue of inserting + for whitespace in iam rolebinding parameters

Confluent CLI v1.35.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Performance improvements
Bug Fixes
  • Show all new release notes on CLI update

Confluent CLI v1.34.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Kafka ACL management via Confluent REST Proxy
Bug Fixes
  • Fix logout panic when removing netrc entry

Confluent CLI v1.33.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Remove credentials from .netrc file when logout command is run
  • Move non-interactive login/environment messages to debug-level printouts to stderr
Bug Fixes
  • Fix supporting custom home directories specified via the $HOME environment variable

Confluent CLI v1.32.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Fix iam acl create bug for User principals with @ symbol

Confluent CLI v1.31.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Increase default number of metadata key iterations from 1000 to 10000

Confluent CLI v1.30.0 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.29.0 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.28.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Fix bug where update command fails to find some versions

Confluent CLI v1.28.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Improved help text and examples

Confluent CLI v1.27.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Build and release darwin/arm64 binaries and archives

Confluent CLI v1.26.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Topic management commands via Confluent REST Proxy API
Bug Fixes
  • Use CONFLUENT_MDS_URL and CONFLUENT_CA_CERT_PATH for login command when set
  • Require --role flag for iam rolebinding delete command

Confluent CLI v1.25.0 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.24.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Non-interactive login
  • CONFLUENT_MDS_URL and CONFLUENT_CA_CERT_PATH environment variable support

Confluent CLI v1.23.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Better handling of --ca-cert-path flag for saved logins

Confluent CLI v1.22.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Stateless mode
  • Support self-signed certs for confluent cluster describe
Bug Fixes
  • Fix confluent local services start bug for Centos
  • Fix no newline bug when auto injected configs are appended to manually added configs for confluent local commands

Confluent CLI v1.21.1 Release Notes

New Features
  • Fix case where wrong ca-cert-path might be used when logging in

Confluent CLI v1.21.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • --prompt flag for login command to bypass non-interactive login
Bug Fixes
  • Fix automatic update of auth tokens for username/email with special characters

Confluent CLI v1.20.1 Release Notes

New Features
  • Prompt for credentials instead of throwing error when non-interactive login fails

Confluent CLI v1.20.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Verbose HTTP and TLS information is logged (with trace log level) when logging in to the CLI.
  • Non-interactive login supported via environment variables
  • Binaries and archives are now shipped for Alpine Linux
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where update command may not detect new CLI versions

Confluent CLI v1.19.1 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.19.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Infer default protocol and port number for URLs when logging in
Bug Fixes
  • When using local Kafka sub-commands, only check status of Kafka cluster if it is a locally-running cluster
  • Fix flushing of logs and log processing during CLI startup

Confluent CLI v1.18.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Improve warning messages for audit log commands

Confluent CLI v1.17.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Expose context management commands
Bug Fixes
  • Add additional logging when setting custom CA cert path
  • Updated list of connectors for CP 6.0
  • Fix KSQL path issue for CP verions older than 5.5
  • Minor documentation/example fixes

Confluent CLI v1.16.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Add audit log migration commands
  • Support piping credentials to login commands

Confluent CLI v1.15.0 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.14.0 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.13.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Fix command output bug for commands that were supposed to output to Stdout but were outputting to Stderr

Confluent CLI v1.13.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Allow for pipe-able log output from confluent local services ... log.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix panic when invalid role is specified during resource-scoped rolebinding commands.
  • Fix grammar and typos in command help and examples.

Confluent CLI v1.12.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Fix success and error message display bug

Confluent CLI v1.12.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Improve error message handling for audit log commands
  • Fix parsing of credentials on Windows for login command

Confluent CLI v1.11.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Rewrite confluent local command to use consistent grammar and eliminate need for passing – to subcommands with arguments
  • Add confluent cluster command to register/unregister clusters from a Confluent Cluster Registry instance (Confluent Platform 5.5+)
  • Update RBAC rolebinding commands to support friendly cluster names
  • Add Schema Registry ACLs commands for confluent local
  • Improve error and success messages and add suggestions for commands that don’t succeed
Bug Fixes
  • Update macOS system requirements for Confluent Platform 6.0
  • Fix handling of errors from invalid RBAC rolebinding commands for Confluent Platform 6.0
  • Handle errors with loading CLI configuration files and ignore them when configs aren’t needed
  • Respect log output/verbosity levels when loading configuration files
  • Only check for updates once every 24 hours

Confluent CLI v1.10.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Compatibility fix for RBAC in Confluent Platform 5.x

Confluent CLI v1.9.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Restrict feedback nudges to fewer commands
  • Skip update check when running the update command

Confluent CLI v1.8.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Update RBAC rolebinding commands to support friendly cluster names (CP 6.0)
  • Add feedback command so users can give direct in-product feeback
  • Start publishing release notes with each release
Bug Fixes
  • Fix panics when metadata service returns internal server errors
  • Improve command examples in help output