confluent kafka cluster update


Update a Kafka cluster.

confluent kafka cluster update <id> [flags]


    --name string          Name of the Kafka cluster.
    --cku uint32           Number of Confluent Kafka Units. For Kafka clusters of type "dedicated" only. When shrinking a cluster, you must reduce capacity one CKU at a time.
    --context string       CLI context name.
    --environment string   Environment ID.
-o, --output string        Specify the output format as "human", "json", or "yaml". (default "human")

Global Flags

-h, --help            Show help for this command.
    --unsafe-trace    Equivalent to -vvvv, but also log HTTP requests and responses which may contain plaintext secrets.
-v, --verbose count   Increase verbosity (-v for warn, -vv for info, -vvv for debug, -vvvv for trace).


Change a cluster’s name and expand its CKU count:

confluent kafka cluster update lkc-abc123 --name "Cool Cluster" --cku 3

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