Confluent CLI Overview

The Confluent command-line interface (CLI), confluent, enables developers to manage both Confluent Cloud and Confluent Platform and is source-available under the Confluent Community License (for more details, check out the Announcing the Source Available Confluent CLI blog post). The Confluent CLI is feature-packed to help users go from learning Confluent to building automated workflows.

Getting started

To install the latest version of the Confluent CLI, complete the following steps:

  1. Download and install the latest version in the default directory, ./bin:

    curl -sL --http1.1 | sh -s -- latest
  2. Add the ./bin directory to your $PATH:

    export PATH=$(pwd)/bin:$PATH

For additional installation options, see the Install Confluent CLI page.

  1. Sign up for a free Confluent Cloud account by entering the following command and following the prompts:

    confluent cloud-signup
  2. Start auto complete using the following command:

    confluent shell
  3. Log in to your Confluent Cloud account:

    confluent login


    You can add the --save flag if you want to save your credentials locally. This prevents you from having to enter them again in the future.

  4. Create your first Kafka cluster:

    confluent kafka cluster create <name> --cloud <cloud provider> --region <cloud region>

    For example:

    confluent kafka cluster create dev0 --cloud aws --region us-east-1
  5. Create a topic in the cluster:

    confluent kafka topic create <name> --cluster <cluster ID>

    For example:

    confluent kafka topic create test_topic --cluster <ID of the dev0 cluster>
  6. Create an API key for the cluster:

    confluent api-key create --resource <cluster ID>
  7. Produce messages to your topic:

    confluent kafka topic produce <topic name> --api-key <API key> --api-secret <API secret>

    For example:

    confluent kafka topic produce test_topic --api-key <API key created in step 7> --api-secret <API secret created in step 7>

    Once the producer is active, you can type messages, delimiting them with return. When you’re finished producing, exit with Ctrl-C or Ctrl-D.

  8. Read back your produced messages, from the beginning:

    confluent kafka topic consume <topic name> --api-key <API key> --api-secret <API secret> --from-begining

    For example:

    confluent kafka topic consume test_topic --api-key <API key created in step 7> --api-secret <API secret created in step 7> --from-begining