Version 12.0.4

  • Updated activemq-client to 5.16.6

Version 12.0.3

  • CC-20419 Handled JMS Exception to enable auto retry of JMS task

Version 12.0.2

  • Reduced log level from INFO to DEBUG

Version 12.0.1

  • No Change

Version 12.0.0

  • CCMSG-2004: Made single consumerSession SYNC to support “At least once”
  • CC-17744: Switched from confluent-log4j to reload4j
  • RCCA-7237: Used createDurableSubscriber from jms 1.1 api instead of createDurableConsumer from jms 2.0 api to avoid NoSuchMethodError for ActiveMQ client.
  • RCCA-7651: Field text is an optional String type. Added a null check before trying to fill the value.
  • CCMSG-1939: Bumped up common version to resolve gson CVE.
  • CCMSG-1814: Excluded protobuf from confluent-licensing
  • CCMSG-1807: Added retry on MQRC_JSSE_ERROR
  • CCMSG-1640: Updated to latest commons to fix CVE and broken build due to to 5.5.x pint merge
  • CCMSG-1656: Excluded protobuf to resolve CVE
  • CCMSG-1537: Added a configuration for JMS receive block duration
  • CCLOG-1193: Corrected the config display name + additional unit tests.
  • Start fresh Batched everytime waitForAllPendingToCommit turns true (independent of commitRecords())
  • CCLOG-1054: Pinned netty-codec version
  • Fixed display names of configs JMS Source connector
  • RCCA-4354: Propagated RetryTimeoutExceeded Exception to fail the connector
  • CCMSG-1252: Supported remaining amqp types in JMS propertyValues
  • SEC-1034: log4j migrated to confluent repackaged version
  • CC-15203: Pinned bcprov-jdk15 verison to resolve CVE
  • CCMSG-1118: Supported unsigned AMQP types in JMS propertyValue fields
  • CCMSG-1069: Ensured producedRecords entity is thread safe
  • CC-14525, CC-14537: Moved connect-runtime to test scope to address CVEs
  • CCMSG-982: Acknowledged committed records when all produced records are committed
  • Moved initial JMS connection creation down to poll() instead of start() and call with retries
  • CCMSG-839: Handled unsupported propertyValue types in the generic JMS Source Connector gracefully