Configure Replicator with Confluent for Kubernetes

Confluent Replicator allows you to replicate topics from one Apache Kafka® cluster to another. In addition to copying the messages, Replicator will create topics as needed, preserving the topic configuration in the source cluster. This includes preserving the number of partitions, the replication factor, and any configuration overrides specified for individual topics.

Confluent Replicator is built as a connector. So, when you deploy Replicator in Confluent for Kubernetes, you use the Connect CRD to define a custom resource (CR) for Replicator and specify to use the cp-enterprise-replicator Docker image that contains the Replicator JARs.

For example:

kind: Connect
  name: replicator
  namespace: destination
  replicas: 2
    application: confluentinc/cp-enterprise-replicator:7.1.0
    init: confluentinc/confluent-init-container:2.3.4

This is a change from Confluent Operator 1.x, where Replicator had a Helm sub-Chart and a section in the values.yaml for configuration.

See the comprehensive example for configuring and deploying Confluent Replicator for the detailed steps and an example CR.