Update Confluent Platform License in Confluent for Kubernetes Blueprints

You can use Confluent Platform for a 30-day trial period without a license key. After 30 days, Confluent components require license keys. See Confluent Platform Licenses for information about Confluent licenses, including types of licenses.

The CFK Blueprints manages the Confluent Platform global license key at the Blueprint level.

  1. Create a CredentialStoreConfig CR for the Confluent Platform license key.

  2. In the ConfluentPlatformBlueprint CR, update the license information:

    apiVersion: core.cpc.platform.confluent.io/v1beta1
    kind: ConfluentPlatformBlueprint
          providerType: blueprint --- [1]
              key:                --- [2]
              name:               --- [3]
    • [1] Required.

    • [2] The secret key you used to create the license secret.

    • [3] Required. The name of the CredentialStoreConfig (spec.credentialStoreConfigRefs.name) in this ConfluentPlatformBlueprint CR.

      This the referenced CredentialStoreConfig has spec.autoRoll: true, license update will roll all clusters automatically.