Code Examples

You can find Streams code examples in the Apache Kafka and Confluent GitHub repositories.

The Confluent Streams examples are located here. These examples demonstrate the use of Java 8 lambda expressions (which simplify the code significantly), show how to read/write Avro data, and how to implement end-to-end integration tests using embedded Kafka clusters.

The Apache Kafka Streams examples are located at These examples demonstrate the use of the Kafka Streams DSL and the low-level Processor API, including typed and untyped examples.

Interactive queries examples

Since Confluent Platform 3.1+ and Kafka 0.10.1+, it is possible to query state stores created via the Kafka Streams DSL and the Processor API. Please refer to Interactive Queries for further information.


With lambda expressions for Java 8+:

End-to-end application examples

These demo applications use embedded instances of Kafka, ZooKeeper, and Confluent Schema Registry. They are implemented as integration tests.