Third Party Libraries for ServiceNow Source and Sink Connector for Confluent Platform

Version 2.5.0

Included Project License
${project.artifactId} Apache-2.0
Apache Avro Apache-2.0
Apache Commons BeanUtils Apache-2.0
Apache Commons Codec Apache-2.0
Apache Commons Compress Apache-2.0
Apache Commons Logging Apache-2.0
Apache Commons Validator Apache-2.0
Apache HTTP transport v2 for the Google HTTP Client Library for Java. Apache-2.0
Apache HttpClient Apache-2.0
Apache HttpCore Apache-2.0
Checker Qual MIT
Commons Digester Apache-2.0
commons-collections Apache-2.0
config Apache-2.0
Confluent Server Apache-2.0
error-prone annotations Apache-2.0
FindBugs-jsr305 Apache-2.0BSD-3-ClauseCC-BY-2.5
Google HTTP Client Library for Java Apache-2.0
Gson Apache-2.0
Guava InternalFutureFailureAccess and InternalFutures Apache-2.0
Guava ListenableFuture only Apache-2.0
Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java CC0-1.0Apache-2.0
io.grpc:grpc-context Apache-2.0
J2ObjC Annotations Apache-2.0
Jackson 2 extensions to the Google HTTP Client Library for Java. Apache-2.0
Jackson datatype: jdk8 Apache-2.0
Jackson-annotations Apache-2.0
Jackson-core Apache-2.0
jackson-databind Apache-2.0
Jakarta Annotations API EPL-1.0EPL-2.0GPL-2.0-with-classpath-exceptionGPL-3.0-only
Jakarta RESTful WS API EPL-2.0GPL-2.0-with-classpath-exception
jakarta.inject EPL-2.0GPL-2.0-with-classpath-exception
Java Architecture For XML Binding CDDL-1.1 CDDL-1.0
jersey-core-common Public-DomainCDDL-1.0
jose4j Apache-2.0
kafka-avro-serializer Apache-2.0
kafka-connect-avro-data Apache-2.0
kafka-schema-registry-client Apache-2.0
kafka-schema-serializer Apache-2.0
LZ4 and xxHash Apache-2.0
Metrics Core Library Apache-2.0
OpenCensus Apache-2.0
OSGi resource locator CDDL-1.0
Protocol Buffers [Core] BSD-2-Clause
Protocol Buffers [Util] BSD-2-Clause
snappy-java Apache-2.0
swagger-annotations Apache-2.0
zstd-jni BSD-2-Clause