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Installing and Configuring the CLI


The Confluent CLI is meant for development purposes only and is not suitable for a production environment. The data that are produced are transient and are intended to be temporary. For production-ready workflows, see Install and Upgrade.

Installing the CLI

The Confluent CLI is included as a part of the Confluent Platform package. To install, download the Confluent Platform package.

Configuring the CLI

You must configure the CLI before using.

  1. Set your PATH variable:

    export PATH=<path-to-confluent>/bin:${PATH};
  2. Install jq for your platform.

  3. Optional: Specify a custom location to store the CLI data and logs. By default the Confluent CLI stores its data and logs in your platform’s temporary directory.


    You can check the current data and log location with the confluent current command.

    1. Create a directory:

      mkdir <path-to-confluent>/var
    2. Set the path to your directory:

      export CONFLUENT_CURRENT=<path-to-confluent>/var