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Configuring KSQL CLI

You can connect the KSQL CLI to one KSQL server per cluster.


There is no automatic failover of your CLI session to another KSQL server if the original server that the CLI is connected to becomes unavailable. Any persistent queries you executed will continue to run in the KSQL cluster.

To connect the KSQL CLI to a cluster, run this command with your KSQL server URL specified (default is http://localhost:8088):

$ <path-to-confluent>/bin/ksql <ksql-server-URL>

Configuring Per-session Properties

You can set the properties by using the KSQL CLI startup script argument /bin/ksql <server> --config-file <path/to/file> or by using the SET statement from within the KSQL CLI session. For more information, see Starting the KSQL CLI.

Here are some common KSQL CLI properties that you can customize: