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Schema Registry Development

To build a development version, you may need a development versions of common and rest-utils. After installing these, you can build Schema Registry with Maven. All the standard lifecycle phases work. During development, use

mvn compile

to build,

mvn test

to run the unit and integration tests, and

mvn exec:java

to run an instance of Schema Registry against a local Kafka cluster (using the default configuration included with Kafka).

To create a packaged version, optionally skipping the tests:

mvn package [-DskipTests]

This will produce a version ready for production in package/target/kafka-schema-registry-package-$VERSION-package containing a directory layout similar to the packaged binary versions. You can also produce a standalone fat jar using the standalone profile:

mvn package -P standalone [-DskipTests]

generating package/target/kafka-schema-registry-package-$VERSION-standalone.jar, which includes all the dependencies as well.