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To use all the functionality of Confluent Control Center, you must have the following:

Kafka Brokers running Kafka Version or later
Stream Monitoring requires several new features of Kafka to function. We suggest using the Confluent Kafka distribution included with Confluent Platform 3.1
Kafka Java Producers and Consumers running or later
Stream Monitoring requires several new features of Kafka to function, including cluster ids. These are currently only available in the Kafka Java clients.
Ability to add jars to the classpath of client applications
You do not need to recompile client applications, and may not need to reboot them if you are using a class injection system like Java Beans or Spring.
Ability to configure clients
You must have the ability to change the configurations of Kafka clients so that you can specify parameters for the Confluent Metrics Interceptor. (If you write your applications to dynamically load Kafka configuration settings, you don’t need to recompile to use this feature. If you can dynamically change the parameters of running applications, then you do not even need to restart them.)
Google Chrome
We develop and test our web UI with Google Chrome. We believe that our UI will work with other browsers, and do some informal testing with Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, but do not formally support other browsers.

Control Center uses Apache Kafka to collect data. You can configure Control Center to run with a replication factor of 1 (thus requiring at least one Kafka broker in your cluster), but we recommend 3 for production use (requiring at least three brokers).

Additionally, you need a server that meets our minimal requirements:

  • at least 8 GB RAM
  • at least 500 GB Storage
  • Ubuntu 14.04 or later, RHEL 6, RHEL 7, or equivalent
  • Access to Kafka (specifically, the ability to consume messages and to communicate with Zookeeper)
  • Access to Kafka Connect instances (if you want to configure Kafka Connect)
  • Ability to connect to the server from the user’s web browser.

Users who need access to Confluent Control Center must be able to access the host that runs the application. (You can configure the network port that Confluent Control Center uses to serve data.) Because Confluent Control Center is a web application, you may use a proxy to control and secure access to it.