The Apache Kafka C/C++ client library
rd_kafka_metadata_partition Struct Reference

Partition information. More...

#include <rdkafka.h>

Data Fields

int32_t id
rd_kafka_resp_err_t err
int32_t leader
int replica_cnt
int32_t * replicas
int isr_cnt
int32_t * isrs

Detailed Description

Partition information.

Field Documentation

◆ id

int32_t rd_kafka_metadata_partition::id

Partition Id

◆ err

rd_kafka_resp_err_t rd_kafka_metadata_partition::err

Partition error reported by broker

◆ leader

int32_t rd_kafka_metadata_partition::leader

Leader broker

◆ replica_cnt

int rd_kafka_metadata_partition::replica_cnt

Number of brokers in replicas

◆ replicas

int32_t* rd_kafka_metadata_partition::replicas

Replica brokers

◆ isr_cnt

int rd_kafka_metadata_partition::isr_cnt

Number of ISR brokers in isrs

◆ isrs

int32_t* rd_kafka_metadata_partition::isrs

In-Sync-Replica brokers

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