Important Warning

Update July 2016: This Tech Preview documentation from March 2016 is outdated and deprecated. Please use the latest Confluent Platform documentation instead.

Kafka StreamsΒΆ

This section discusses the Kafka Streams library included in Apache Kafka.


As mentioned in the Release Notes, this Confluent Platform release is a Tech Preview. It includes a preview version of Apache Kafka and its upcoming Kafka Streams library. Kafka Streams is a stream processing library bundled with Kafka. As of March 2016, Kafka Streams is not yet available through an official release of the Apache Kafka open source project.

We at Confluent provide this Tech Preview of Kafka Streams to allow Kafka users and developers to take a first look at the upcoming functionality, and also to solicit feedback on Kafka Streams, which you are invited to share via the Kafka mailing lists.