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Release Notes

Confluent Platform 5.2.1 Release Notes

This is a bugfix release of Confluent Platform that provides Confluent users with Apache Kafka 2.2.0, the latest stable version of Kafka and additional bug fixes.

You are encouraged to upgrade to Confluent Platform 5.2.1, because it includes important bug fixes. The technical details of this release are summarized below.

Commercial Features

Control Center

The Control Center System Health page in Firefox browser now renders correctly. For more information on supported browsers, see Web Browsers.

Community Features

Apache Kafka 2.2.0-cp2

  • PR-6489 - KAFKA-8150: Fix bugs in handling null arrays in generated RPC code (#6489)
  • PR-6342 - KAFKA-8014: Extend Connect integration tests to add and remove workers dynamically (#6342)
  • PR-6484 - KAFKA-8142: Fix NPE for nulls in Headers (#6484)
  • PR-6482 - KAFKA-7989: RequestQuotaTest should wait for quota config change before running tests (#6482)

How to Download

Confluent Platform is available for download at See the On-Premises Deployments section for detailed information.

To upgrade Confluent Platform to a newer version, check the Upgrade documentation.

Supported Versions and Interoperability

For the supported versions and interoperability of Confluent Platform and its components, see Supported Versions and Interoperability.


If you have questions regarding this release, feel free to reach out via the community mailing list or community Slack. Confluent customers are encouraged to contact our support directly.