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confluent demo


Run Confluent Platform end-to-end demo applications using KSQL, Confluent Replicator, Confluent Control Center, and more.

  • Running confluent demo requires internet connectivity and GitHub access.
  • Demos are stored locally in $CONFLUENT_HOME/quickstart-demos.
  • The demos are for sandbox testing in a development environment. Never run these demos in production.


confluent demo [ list | update | start | stop | info ] [ <demo-name> ]


For usage information, enter confluent help demo.


Name, shorthand Description
list List names of available demos
update Pull the latest demo code
start <demo-name> Start a demo with specified name
stop <demo-name> Stop a demo with specified name
info <demo-name> Provide README for demo with specified name


  1. List available demos
confluent demo list
  1. Update demo code to ensure you are running the latest code.
confluent demo update
  1. Start a demo called wikipedia
confluent demo start wikipedia
  1. Stop a demo called wikipedia
confluent demo stop wikipedia
  1. View the README for a demo called wikipedia
confluent demo info wikipedia