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confluent status


View the status of services or connectors.


confluent status [ <service> | connectors | <connector-name> ]


For usage information, enter confluent help status.


Name, shorthand Default Description
connectors   Print a list of the connectors currently loaded in Connect.

Positional arguments

Name, shorthand Default Description
<connector-name>   The connector name. If only the connector name is specified, the connector status is printed.
<service> All services The service name. If specified, it provides the status of the service and all dependencies.


  • Print the status of the available services:

    confluent status

    Your output should resemble:

    connect is [UP]
    kafka-rest is [UP]
    schema-registry is [UP]
    kafka is [UP]
    zookeeper is [UP]
  • Print the status of the kafka service.

    confluent status kafka

    Your output should resemble:

    kafka is [UP]
    zookeeper is [UP]
  • Print a list with the currently loaded connectors.

    confluent status connectors

    For example, if you have loaded the s3-sink connector, your output should resemble:

  • Prints the status of a connector named file-source:

    confluent status file-source