Confluent Health+

Monitor and manage your Confluent Platform environment with Confluent Health+. Ensure the health of your clusters and minimize business disruption with intelligent alerts, monitoring, and proactive support based on best practices created by the inventors Apache Kafka®.

With Confluent Health+, you can:

  • Identify and avoid issues before they occur with more than fifty intelligent alerts, tuned from years of experience managing more than five thousand Kafka clusters in Confluent Cloud.
  • Set up alerts to send rule-based notifications to endpoints like Slack and email.
  • Easily integrate with existing monitoring tools, like Prometheus.
  • View all of your critical metrics in a single cloud-based dashboard.

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Health+ Monitoring dashboard

The Health+ Monitoring dashboard.

Health+ Features

Intelligent alerts
  • Health+ sets up triggers on certain metrics that alert when thresholds are crossed and notify you of potential issues.
  • With the Health+ UI, you can set up alerts for email, Slack, and other alerting platforms using our generic webhook.
Monitoring dashboards
  • Use Health+ to monitor and visualize multiple metrics over historical time periods, to identify issues. Easily view all of your critical metrics in a single cloud-based dashboard and integrate into existing monitoring tools.
  • Metrics are displayed in Health+ Monitoring Dashboards and are available using the Metrics API.
Accelerated Confluent Support
  • With Health+, you get additional help from the Confluent Support Team for troubleshooting issues and restoring services, when you need it.
  • Get immediate diagnoses and support for any issues and see a significantly reduced issue time-to-resolution.
Confluent Telemetry Reporter
  • The Confluent Telemetry Reporter is a plugin that runs inside each Confluent Platform service to push metadata about the service to Confluent. Telemetry Reporter enables product features based on the metadata, like Health+.

  • Data is sent over HTTP using an encrypted connection. For more information, see Confluent Telemetry Reporter.


    For a list of metrics that are collected for Health+, see Telemetry Reporter Metrics.

Health+ Pricing

Confluent Health+ is offered as a freemium model. You can use limited features of Health+ for free, and you can upgrade to the paid tier for full Health+ benefits. Contact us to learn more about upgrading to the paid tier of Health+.

Free alerts
  • Active Controller Count
  • Offline Partitions
  • Unclean Leader Elections
  • Under Replicated Partitions
  • Under Min In-sync Replicas
  • Connector is degraded
  • Connector is failed
  • ksqlDB queries in error
Premium alerts
  • Disk Usage
  • Topic throughput
  • Cluster Outage / Offline
  • Request Handler Percent
  • Network Processor Percent
Pricing Tier Intelligent Alerts Monitoring Dashboards Accelerated Confluent Support
  • 8 pre-configured free, “must-have” alerts
  • 1 hour of historical monitoring data
Real-time diagnosis and enhanced support experience
  • 8 pre-configured free, “must-have” alerts
  • 5 pre-configured Premium alerts
  • Up to 7 days of historical monitoring data
Real-time diagnosis and enhanced support experience