License Configurations

This topic provides configuration parameters available for Confluent Platform. The parameters are organized by order of importance, ranked from high to low.

Name Description Type Default Valid Values Importance
confluent.licenseLicense for Confluent plugins.password[hidden]high
confluent.license.retry.backoff.max.msMaximum backoff when retrying license topic creation.int100000 (100 seconds)[1,...]low
confluent.license.retry.backoff.min.msMinimum backoff when retrying license topic creation.int1000 (1 second)[1,...]low
confluent.license.topicTopic used for storing Confluent license. CP versions 6.2.1 and up will use _confluent-license if it exists, otherwise _confluent-command. CP versions 7.0 and up will deprecate _confluent-license and only use _confluent-command.string_confluent-licenselow
confluent.license.topic.create.timeout.msThe number of milliseconds to wait for license topic to be created during start up.int600000 (10 minutes)[1,...]low
confluent.license.topic.replication.factorReplication factor of the license topic. This is used for creation of the topic if it doesn't exist. Replication factor cannot be altered after the topic is created.short3[1,...]low