Kafka Connect GzipDecompress SMT for Confluent Platform

The following provides usage information for the Confluent SMT io.confluent.connect.transforms.GzipDecompress.


GzipDecompress is not currently available for managed connectors.


Gzip-decompresses the byteArray input that was Gzip compressed. The SMT can only work with ByteArray format input.

Under the hood, the input is decompressed using java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream, and returns resultant ByteArray output.


This transformation is developed by Confluent and does not ship by default with Apache Kafka® or Confluent Platform. You can install this transformation using the confluent connect plugin install command:

confluent connect plugin install confluentinc/connect-transforms:latest


The following examples show how to configure and use GzipDecompress.

Gzip-decompress a base64 input

This configuration snippet shows how to decompress a gzip-compressed base64 input.

"transforms": "gzipDecompress",
"transforms.gzipDecompress.type": "io.confluent.connect.transforms.GzipDecompress$Value"

base64-conversion=$(echo “Hello world” | base64 ) -> SGVsbG8gd29ybGQK gzipped-conversion=$(echo “Hello world” | base64 | gzip )

Before: gzipped-conversion

After: base64-conversion


Transformations can be configured with predicates so that the transformation is applied only to records which satisfy a condition. You can use predicates in a transformation chain and, when combined with the Kafka Connect Filter (Kafka) SMT for Confluent Platform, predicates can conditionally filter out specific records. For details and examples, see Predicates.