Confluent Developer

Confluent Developer provides numerous resources to get started with Kafka end event streaming. It includes video tutorials, sample code, the entire collection of guided Kafka tutorials, podcast episodes, information about Kafka meetups, and more.


Get answers to your Apache Kafka® and Confluent Platform questions in the Confluent community Slack channel.

Tutorials and Demos

The Tutorials and Demos page provides many hands-on examples and automated demos that showcase stream processing on Confluent Platform.

Video Tutorials and Screencasts

The Confluent YouTube channel provides includes tutorials, how-tos, customer use cases, and general Confluent education. This content is frequently updated and so it is recommended that you subscribe.

Technical Blogs

The Confluent blog contains many technical blog posts.

White Papers

The Confluent white papers provide technical deep dives from Confluent experts.

Kafka Summit

Learn about past and upcoming Kafka Summit events.

Online Talks

Attend an upcoming online talk or listen to past sessions.


Find out about upcoming meetups in your region.