Clusters in Control Center

The Clusters page enables you to view tiles for healthy and unhealthy clusters at a glance or search for a cluster being managed by Control Center. What you see on the Clusters page varies depending on whether you are running Control Center in Normal or Reduced infrastructure mode.

The following image shows a example of the Clusters page in Normal mode. Click on a cluster tile for a view of metrics for that cluster.

Clusters at a glance

Clusters - Normal mode

Cluster overview page

The overview page for a single Apache Kafka® cluster provides a summary view of the cluster and its connected services.

Normal mode and Reduced infrastructure mode

The following table describes the panels found on the Clusters page by mode. All of the panels are clickable and navigate you directly to the relevant sections.

Section Normal mode Reduced infrastructure mode
Brokers overview Total brokers with production and consumption throughput. Not visible in Reduced infrastructure mode.
Topics overview Total topics, total partitions, under replicated partitions, out of sync replicas. Total topics and total partitions.
Connect overview Number of Connect clusters and connector status. Same as Normal mode.
ksqlDB overview Number of ksqlDB clusters and persistent queries. Same as Normal mode.