End the Scripted Demo

Stop the Confluent Platform Environment

  1. Stop the consumer group app to stop consuming from topic wikipedia.parsed. Note that the command below stops the consumers gracefully with kill -15, so the consumers follow the shutdown sequence.

  2. Stop the Docker environment, destroy all components and clear all Docker volumes.


Stop the Confluent Cloud Environment

If you ran the Module 2: Deploy Hybrid Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud Environment portion of this tutorial, which included creating resources in Confluent Cloud, follow the clean up procedure below to avoid unexpected Confluent Cloud charges.

Any Confluent Cloud example uses real Confluent Cloud resources. After you are done running a Confluent Cloud example, manually verify that all Confluent Cloud resources are destroyed to avoid unexpected charges.

  1. Make sure that you’re still using the ccloud CLI context.

    confluent context use ccloud
  2. Delete the Confluent Cloud service account you created for the cluster link. This will also delete all API keys associated with the account.

    confluent iam service-account delete ${SERVICE_ACCOUNT_ID}
  3. Destroy your Confluent Cloud ksqlDB cluster. Go to https://confluent.cloud/environments -> Select cp-demo-cluster -> ksqlDB -> Select “delete”.

  4. Destroy your Confluent Cloud cluster. Go to https://confluent.cloud/environments -> Select cp-demo-cluster -> Cluster Overview -> Cluster Settings -> Select “Delete cluster”.

  5. Destroy your Confluent Cloud environment. Go to https://confluent.cloud/environments and delete the environment “cp-demo-env” that you created.


The Health+ cluster will be shown in the Confluent Cloud Console until it ages out.