Control Center Usage Data Collection

Confluent collects data about user interactions within Control Center.

This data provides Confluent with a better understanding on how users interact with and use Confluent products, which facilitates building better products to meet customer needs. For more information, see the Confluent Privacy Statement and Confluent Data Collection.


Internet connectivity is required.

By default, the usage data collection feature is enabled. If your organization does not want to participate, you can disable the feature.

If enabled, collected data will include:

  • URLs of Control Center pages viewed. Implicitly, this includes the names of clusters and topics as they appear in URLs.
  • Button or link clicks.
  • Organization ID.
  • License Type.
  • User Agent.
  • Timestamp of actions.
  • Session ID.
  • Control Center version number.


Your IP address is not collected.

Disabling usage data collection in Control Center

  1. In the appropriate file for your environment, set the configuration property to false.
  2. Restart Control Center and pass in the appropriate properties file.