Monitor and Manage Confluent Platform

Monitor and manage your Confluent Platform environment using these tools and resources.

Broker Metrics page

The Broker Metrics page in Confluent Control Center.

Confluent Control Center
Confluent Control Center is a web-based tool for managing and monitoring Apache Kafka®. Control Center provides a user interface that enables developers and operators to get a quick overview of cluster health, observe and control messages, topics, and Schema Registry, and to develop and run ksqlDB queries. For more information, see Confluent Control Center.
Proactive Support
Proactive Support provides ongoing, real-time analysis of performance and configuration data for your Confluent Platform deployment. From this analysis, Proactive Support sends out notifications to alert users to potential environmental issues before they become critical problems. For more information, see Proactive Support.
Confluent Telemetry Reporter
The Confluent Telemetry Reporter is a plugin that runs inside each Confluent Platform service to push metadata about the service to Confluent. Telemetry Reporter enables product features based on the metadata, like Proactive Support. Data is sent over HTTP using an encrypted connection. For more information, see Confluent Telemetry Reporter. For a list of metrics that are collected for Proactive Support, see Telemetry Reporter Metrics.
Confluent Metrics Reporter
The Confluent Metrics Reporter collects various metrics from an Apache Kafka® cluster. The Metrics Reporter is necessary for the Confluent Control Center system health monitoring and Confluent Auto Data Balancer. Metrics Reporter produces metrics to a topic in a Kafka cluster. For more information, see Confluent Metrics Reporter.
Kafka Monitoring
Kafka brokers and clients report many internal metrics. JMX is the default reporter, and you can add any pluggable reporter. For more information, see Kafka Monitoring and Metrics Using JMX.
Docker Logging
You can configure log4j log levels and log outputs in Docker deployments of Confluent Platform. For more information, see Configure Docker Logging.