View your RBAC roles in Control Center

View your RBAC role assignments across Confluent Platform using Control Center.

For complete descriptions of each role, review the Roles page in the UI and the RBAC predefined-roles documentation.

To view your role assignments, click the View my role assignments menu option in the Control Center Administration menu:

If you do not have any RBAC role assignments, the page returns the message No role assignments found.

Roles page

To access the Roles page, click the View my role assignments option from the Control Center Administration menu.

Use this page to view the available RBAC roles and their descriptions.


There are no actions to take on this page; it is for informational purposes only.

Confluent Platform RBAC roles and descriptions

Confluent Platform RBAC roles and descriptions


Click the RBAC role descriptions link to access the RBAC predefined-roles documentation.

View My Role Assignments

To access the Assignments page:

  1. Log in to Control Center.

  2. From the Control Center Administration menu, click the View my role assignments option.

  3. Click the Assignments tab.

    View My Role Assignments Cluster Level page

    View My Role Assignments Cluster Level page

Use this page to:

  • View the clusters for which you have role assignments.

  • Search for clusters by name and ID.

  • Filter the cluster view by cluster type: Connect, Kafka, ksqlDB, Schema Registry.


    If there is only one type of cluster you are authorized for, the Cluster type (All clusters) list does not appear. Only the cluster types that you have role permissions for appear in the list.

  • Drill into a cluster to access the Cluster roles and Resource roles pages where you can view your role assignments for a cluster and its resources.

    View My Connect Cluster Resource Role Assignments page

    View My Connect Cluster Connector Resource Role Assignments page

  • Click the relevant tab to navigate to the appropriate resource scope page for a cluster, such as:

    • Consumer Group, Topic, or Transactional ID tab for a Kafka cluster.
    • Subject tab for a Schema Registry cluster.
    • Connector tab for a Connect cluster.