Kafka Streams for Confluent Platform

Kafka Streams is a client library for building applications and microservices, where the input and output data are stored in an Apache Kafka® cluster. It combines the simplicity of writing and deploying standard Java and Scala applications on the client side with the benefits of Kafka’s server-side cluster technology.

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Free Video Course
The free Kafka Streams 101 course shows what Kafka Streams is and how to get started with it.
Quick Start Guide
Build your first Kafka Streams application shows how to run a Java application that uses the Kafka Streams library by demonstrating a simple end-to-end data pipeline powered by Kafka.
Streams Podcasts

Streaming Audio is a podcast from Confluent, the team that built Kafka. Confluent developer advocates and guests unpack a variety of topics surrounding Kafka, event stream processing, and real-time data.

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