Configure HTTP Basic Authentication with Control Center

HTTP Basic authentication is a simple way to implement access control. You can configure Confluent Control Center UI access control using HTTP Basic authentication. This authenticates users’ access to Control Center.


For more sophisticated access control, Configure Role-based Access Control for Control Center.

Enable Basic authentication for Control Center

You can require a user to log in to Control Center by configuring HTTP Basic authentication using Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS). JAAS provides a pluggable model, with details specified at runtime. For details on all configuration options, see UI authentication settings.

To configure Control Center authentication:

  1. Specify the following options in the appropriate Control Center property file. Use the and confluent.controlcenter.auth.restricted.roles to create groups of users; either administrators, which have full read and write access, or restricted users that have only read access.

    • Specify values for in the following format: <administrator_group_name>,<restricted_group_name>

    • The restricted value is the name of your restricted group: confluent.controlcenter.auth.restricted.roles is <restricted_group_name>.,Restricted
  2. Create a JAAS file (propertyfile.jaas) similar to the following. In the file, you specify the authentication realm as Control Center (c3), and provide the name of password file that will contain the Control Center users and passwords.

    c3 {
        org.eclipse.jetty.jaas.spi.PropertyFileLoginModule required

    Your password file in should look similar to the following, specifying a username followed by a password and that user’s group, either the administrative group or the restricted group.


    A user with membership in multiple groups is granted only the most restrictive permissions. For example, if a user is a member of two groups, admin and readonly, and readonly is a restricted role, then the user is granted only the rights for the readonly group.

    admin: <admin-password>,<administrator_group_name>
    bob: <bob-password>,<administrator_group_name>
    alice: <alice-password>,<your_restricted_group>
  3. Start Control Center passing in an argument to use the JAAS configuration, and specify the properties file that contains the HTTP Basic authentication settings:

    control-center-start ./etc/confluent-control-center/

When a user accesses Control Center, they are prompted for sign-in credentials. For this example, logging in as bob:<bob_password> provides read and write access. Logging in as alice:<alice_password> provides read-only access.

Restricted users

For users with restricted (read-only) roles, the following user interface (UI) features and options are unavailable/hidden: