Edit Configuration Settings for Topics

View and edit the configuration settings for topics.


Some topic configuration parameters are not configurable through the Control Center UI. These unmodifiable parameters display a lock symbol (lock) in the text entry box. They cannot be changed in either default or custom expert mode. See Configurable topic parameters.

Edit basic topic settings

  1. Select a cluster from the navigation bar and click the Topics menu. The Topics Overview appears.

  2. In the Topics table, click the topic name link.

  3. Click the Configuration tab. The Configuration page appears for the topic.

    Basic Configuration page for Topic


    Click Show full config/Hide full config to toggle the view of all available configurations.

  4. Click Edit settings. The basic configurations become available for editing. Only the most commonly modified settings are shown by default. Make any changes to the available fields. To edit additional settings in expert mode, see Edit topic settings in expert mode.

    Basic configuration editing page for a topic in Control Center


    Click the information icon to view the tooltip for a setting.

    Tooltip for a topic setting in Control Center
  5. Click Save changes.

Edit topic settings in expert mode


Be careful when setting configurations in expert mode. With expert mode, you have full control of every topic configuration and can potentially get your cluster into a bad state.

  1. Follow the steps for Edit basic topic settings. On the basic configuration page, click Switch to expert mode.

  2. To leave expert mode without making any changes, click Leave expert mode.

  3. Make your changes. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save changes.

    Edit topic configuration in expert mode of Control Center

Configurable topic parameters

The following table lists available parameters in alphabetical order and indicates whether they can be edited. Most can be edited with the exception of the topic name, number of partitions, and replication factor.

Parameter Configurable
cleanup.policy Yes
cluster Yes
compression.type Yes
delete.retention.ms Yes
file.delete.delay.ms Yes
flush.messages Yes
flush.ms Yes
follower.replication.throttled.replicas Yes
index.interval.bytes Yes
leader.replication.throttled.replicas Yes
max.message.bytes Yes
message.format.version Yes
message.timestamp.difference.max.ms Yes
message.timestamp.type Yes
min.cleanable.dirty.ratio Yes
min.compaction.lag.ms Yes
min.insync.replicas Yes
name (topic) No
partitions (number of) No
preallocate Yes
producer Yes
replication.factor No
retention.bytes Yes
retention.ms Yes
segment.bytes Yes
segment.index.bytes Yes
segment.jitter.ms Yes
segment.ms Yes
unclean.leader.election.enable Yes