Manage Topics Using Control Center for Confluent Platform

The Topics page shows a summary of Apache Kafka® topics for a cluster, and enables you to complete a number of tasks.

The fields and values on the Topics page vary depending on whether you are operating Control Center in Reduced infrastructure mode or Normal mode. The tasks you can complete also vary depending on mode.

To learn more about Control Center modes, see Control Center modes.

Topics page

Topic table view (Normal mode)

Topic table view (Normal mode)

On the Topics page, you can:

  • Search for topics.

  • Show or hide internal topics.


    Internal topics names start with an underscore (_) and should not be individually modified. Modifying an internal topic could adversely impact your Confluent Platform installation and result in unexpected behavior.

  • View details such as:

    • A list of Topic names and Partitions.
    • Topic names, Status, Partitions, Production, and Last Produced in Normal mode. These values are not dynamic, meaning they load when the page is loaded, and update when the page is refreshed. The Last produced value for a row is loaded only as that column becomes viewable in the table. For more on topic inspection and the Last produced column, see Topic Inspection via Last-Produced Timestamp (blog post).
  • Sort the columns in the Topics table by clicking a column header. Note that sorting by Last produced time will not be accurate if all rows are not visible.

  • Create Topics Using Control Center for Confluent Platform.

Topic details

Select a topic to display overview details for that topic and navigate to other features for topics:

To access the overview page for a Topic:

  1. Select a cluster from the navigation bar and click the Topics menu item.
  2. In the Topics table, click the topic name. The topic overview page automatically opens for that topic.

In Normal mode, use the Topic page to:

  • View a topic overview with a health roll-up.
  • Drill into topic metric metrics by clicking the Production, Consumption, or Availability panels.
  • Search for partitions by partition ID.
  • View partition, replica placement, offset, and partition size details.
Topics Overview page (Normal mode)

Topic tasks

In both Normal mode and Reduced infrastructure mode, you can use the Topics page to: