Release Notes for Confluent Platform 7.6

7.6 is a major release of Confluent Platform that provides you with Apache Kafka® 3.6, the latest stable version of Kafka.

The technical details of this release are summarized below.

For more information about the 7.6 release, check out the release blog.

Confluent Control Center

The MDS trust store can now be used to encrypt the SSO-related communications to IdP using SSL. To learn more, see Configure SSO for Confluent Control Center using OIDC on Confluent Platform.

Kafka brokers

Confluent Server

Confluent Community / Kafka

Confluent Platform 7.6 features Kafka 3.6. For a full list of the KIPs, features, and bug fixes, see the Apache Kafka release notes. For a summary of the improvements and changes in version 3.6, see Kafka 3.6 New Features and Updates on the Confluent blog, or the Kafka 3.6 release video that follows.

  • In Confluent Platform 7.6, major features are now supported in KRaft mode with some gaps to close in the next release. The Delegate Tokens feature is now supported.

    The following features are not supported:

    • Quorum reconfiguration
    • TopicAclAuthorizer for Schema Registry
    • JBOD
  • ZooKeeper to KRaft migrations for existing clusters are generally available in Confluent Platform versions 7.6.1 and later.

    Note the following:

    • You cannot migrate clusters with features that are currently not supported in KRaft mode.
    • You cannot migrate clusters with authorization that uses centralized ACLs.
    • Self-Balancing can’t be used while in ZooKeeper migration.

    For more information about migrating from ZooKeeper to KRaft, see Migrate from ZooKeeper to KRaft on Confluent Platform. For more information on current limitations of KRaft mode, see Limitations and known issues.

  • ZooKeeper was upgraded to version 3.8.3.

Cluster Management

Confluent for Kubernetes (formerly Confluent Operator)

For Confluent for Kubernetes release notes, see Confluent for Kubernetes Release Notes.

Ansible Playbooks for Confluent Platform

For Ansible Playbooks for Confluent Platform release notes, see the Ansible Playbooks for Confluent Platform.

Kafka Connect

Confluent Platform now supports managing offsets for both sink and source connectors using the Connect REST API. For more details, see KIP-875.

Supported versions and interoperability

As of Confluent Platform 7.6:

  • Confluent Platform support for running on ARM64 Linux architectures is now GA.

For the full list of supported versions and interoperability of Confluent Platform and its components, see Supported Versions and Interoperability for Confluent Platform.

Confluent CLI

  • Confluent Platform 7.6 ships with Confluent CLI version 3.48.0. To install and use a later version of the CLI, you must download and install an alternative CLI version using these instructions.
  • The Confluent Hub CLI installation feature is deprecated in Confluent Platform 7.6 and will be removed in later versions. Use the confluent connect plugin install command to install self-managed connectors.

How to download

Confluent Platform is available for download at See the Install Confluent Platform On-Premises section for detailed information.


The Confluent Platform package includes Confluent Server by default and requires a confluent.license key in your file. Starting with Confluent Platform 5.4.x, the Confluent Server broker checks for a license during start-up. You must supply a license string in each broker’s properties file using the confluent.license property as below:


If you want to use the Kafka broker, download the confluent-community package. The Kafka broker is the default in all Debian or RHEL and CentOS packages.

For more information about migrating to Confluent Server, see Migrate Confluent Platform to Confluent Server.

To upgrade Confluent Platform to a newer version, check the Upgrade Confluent Platform documentation.


If you have questions regarding this release, feel free to reach out via the community mailing list or community Slack. Confluent customers are encouraged to contact our support directly.