Overview of Multi-Datacenter Deployment Solutions on Confluent Platform

You can use Confluent Platform to share or replicate data among multiple datacenters using either the Kafka Connect-based replication feature, Confluent Replicator, or using the Apache Kafka® protocol itself.

Multi-DC Solutions

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  • Cluster Linking for Confluent Platform

    Cluster Linking allows you to directly connect clusters together and mirror topics from one cluster to another without the need for Connect. Cluster Linking makes it much easier to build multi-datacenter, multi-cluster, and hybrid cloud deployments. Also available on Confluent Cloud, as described in Cluster Linking on Confluent Cloud.

  • Confluent Replicator

    Replicator is a Connect-based Confluent Platform component that allows two distinct Kafka clusters to replicate data in either active-passive or active-active architectures.

  • Configure Multi-Region Clusters in Confluent Platform

    With Built-in Multi-Region Replication you can deploy Confluent Platform across regional datacenters with automated client failover in the event of a disaster. It enables synchronous and asynchronous replication by topic, and all the replication is offset preserving. (Note: This is a Confluent Platform feature only, and is not available on Confluent Cloud.)