Manage Topics in Confluent Cloud

An Apache Kafka® topic is a category or feed that stores messages. Producers send messages and write data to topics, and consumers read messages from topics.

You can create and manage topics in the Confluent Cloud Console, with the Confluent CLI or with REST APIs. Topics are grouped by cluster, and you can apply schemas to topics.

Access the Topic list in the Cloud Console

To access topics in the Cloud Console:

  1. Sign in to your Confluent Cloud account
  2. Choose an environment and then a cluster.
  3. From the Navigation menu, choose Topics.
  4. Choose a topic from the displayed list, or click the Create topic button to create a topic.

Topic tasks

Create, edit and delete topics
This article describes how to work with topics in Cloud Console.
Browse topic messages
View the data being produced to a topic. Browse message data, seek to a specific offset or timestamp by partition, and download selected messages.
Share topics
You can share data at the topic topic level between multiple, separate organizations. An organization that shares data can directly extract value from this shared data by treating it as a product in its own right; packaging, pricing, and positioning their data in motion.