Create a Flink Compute Pool in Confluent Cloud Console

A compute pool represents the compute resources that are used to run your SQL statements. The resources provided by a compute pool are shared among all statements that use it. It enables you to limit or guarantee resources as your use cases require. A compute pool is bound to a region. There is no cost for creating compute pools.

To create a compute pool, you need the OrganizationAdmin, EnvironmentAdmin, or FlinkAdmin RBAC role.

In addition to the Cloud Console, Confluent provides these tools for creating and managing Flink compute pools:

Create a compute pool in Confluent Cloud Console

  1. In the navigation menu, click Environments and click the tile for the environment where you want to use Flink SQL.

  2. In the environment details page, click Flink.

  3. In the Flink page, click Compute pools, if it’s not selected already.

  4. Click Create compute pool to open the Create compute pool page.

  5. In the Region dropdown, select the region that hosts the data you want to process with SQL, or use any region if you just want to try out Flink using sample data. Click Continue.

  6. In the Pool name textbox, enter “my-compute-pool”.

  7. In the Max CFUs dropdown, select 10. For more information, see CFUs.

  8. Click Continue, and on the Review and create page, click Finish.

    A tile for your compute pool appears on the Flink page. It shows the pool in the Provisioning state. It may take a few minutes for the pool to enter the Running state.


    The tile for your compute pool provides the Confluent CLI command for using the pool from the CLI. Learn more about the CLI in the Flink Quick Start with the SQL Shell.