Get Started with Confluent Cloud on the Azure Marketplace with Pay As You Go

This topic shows you how to get up and running using Confluent Cloud on the Azure Marketplace with the Pay As You Go billing model. You can sign up and set up your own Kafka clusters in Confluent Cloud, and pay only for what you use.


To pay for Confluent Cloud, Confluent Consumption Units (CCUs) are enabled in the cloud Marketplace. Pricing in Marketplace is the same as direct purchase pricing. For more information, see Confluent Cloud Consumption Metrics for Marketplace Deployments.


  • An Azure Marketplace account. With Azure Marketplace, you can use Confluent Cloud and get billed directly through Azure.


    You cannot sign up for Confluent Cloud through a Microsoft Solutions Provider.

  • Confluent Cloud currently requires your email address to be unique across all organizations. If your Azure AD email address has already been used for signup on Confluent Cloud, you must first remove yourself as a user from the Confluent Cloud organization where you signed up previously, so your Azure AD email can be used for single sign-on (SSO). One option is to invite an alternate email that you own as a user to the old organization, and then delete your “Azure AD related email user” from the old organization. This way, you can sign up using SSO. Alternatively, another user in the old organization can delete your Azure AD user ID. To find the email address associated with your your Azure AD account, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Azure Active Directory portal.
    2. Click the More Info link in the Tenant Information section.
    3. Click Profile under Manage in the left navigation menu. Your Azure AD email address appears in the Identity section under User Principle Name.
  • To purchase, you must be logged in to the Azure Marketplace and you must have permission to purchase, which means you must be the subscription owner or you must have contributor permissions. For more information, see Azure Marketplace purchasing in the Azure documentation.

  • Your Azure policy should allow you to provision resources in the region where you choose to set up the Confluent resource.

  • To enable Confluent SSO, user consent must be enabled for your account by an Azure AD Global Admin for the tenant. For more information, see Configure how end-users consent to applications in the Azure documentation.


  1. Navigate to the Azure Marketplace and search for “Apache Kafka® on Confluent Cloud.”

  2. Find the Apache Kafka® on Confluent Cloud™ tile and click it.

    Selecting Confluent Cloud in Marketplace
  3. Select the Pay as you Go plan (you might have multiple plans available) and click Set up + subscribe.

  4. Choose the correct subscription and either choose an existing resource group or create a new one.

  5. In the Instance Details section, enter your desired Confluent organization name, the region where you want to launch your Azure resource, and your Plan (Pay as you go).

  6. (Optional) Click the Tags tab to create tags for your project.

  7. Click Review and create.

  8. After organization validation occurs, you are ready to create the resource. Review the terms of your plan and click Create.


    Your deployment will start. This could take up to a minute.

  9. After your resources are deployed, you will receive a confirmation message. Click Go to resource to view the deployed resource on the Azure portal.

  10. Click the Confluent SSO Manage on Confluent Cloud link to sign on to Confluent Cloud using your Azure AD account. You may be asked to choose an account for SSO. Note that to enable Confluent SSO, you must have been allowed user consent by an Azure AD Global Admin for the tenant.

  11. Grant permission for Confluent Cloud by clicking Accept. You will be signed in.


    From here, you can manage your resources on Confluent Cloud.

  12. You can invite additional users to your Confluent Cloud organization by clicking the Administration menu at the upper-right corner of the Confluent Cloud Console and selecting Users from the menu that appears. After you reach the Users page, click + Add user and provide an the email address for the user you want to invite. This can be an Azure AD user, or a non-SSO user with an email ID and password.


Email already in use

  • When you try to sign up the Azure portal, you get a “Conflict” error.
  • Click the “Click here for details” link in the warning message. “Email already exists” is shown as the reason for signup failure.
See the Prerequisites section. If your Azure AD email is already in use for another organization on Confluent Cloud, you need to remove yourself as a user from that organization before you can register for Confluent Cloud through the Azure marketplace.

SSO Login failure - Invalid Username


Your SSO login to Confluent Cloud shows an error after login.

The user is authenticated successfully, but the email/UPN (user principal name) from the Azure AD token is not registered with any Confluent Cloud Organization. Contact your Confluent Cloud administrator to invite the user to the Confluent Cloud organization.

SSO Login failure - Tenant Mismatch


The user is authenticated successfully and is registered with Confluent Cloud but does not belong to the Azure AD Tenant that was used during Confluent Cloud sign-up.

Contact your Confluent Cloud administrator to add the user to Azure AD tenant that was used during Confluent Cloud organization signup.

Not able to launch Azure resource in a region

A message on the Azure portal UI states that you cannot launch resources in a specific Azure region.
Make sure your policies are set to allow you to provision resources in the region you want to use with the Azure portal.